понедельник, 27 марта 2017 г.

Golden hour

     ENG "Golden hour" is the time of the day when your photos can be especial and beautiful in the light of the Sun which is going down. This is the hour just before the sunset or after the sunrise. You need no artificial light at this time. Little particles can be caught and higlighted in the light shining from above the horizon, and, if shooting opposite to the Sun you can get different silouettes, full or partial. The sunshine hits the sky and create wonderful mood and atmosphere to your shots. I am started my practice and tried to make some shots at this time of the day. This is very interesting discover for me, and I definitely will try to do more shots in future.

I wear:
Coat DeFacto
Jeans Bonprix
Backpack Shein

четверг, 16 марта 2017 г.

Purple flowers

ENG. Today I am wearing grey jumpsuit and floral sweatshirt - very simple, casual and relaxing outfit.  I like floral print, and pink and purple. Flowers are inspiring and awake me from Winter.  But now, in early Spring they have another colour - rather than yellow, orange or red -  purple, blue and pink flowers - they are violets, lilac, lilium, peonys. 
It is time to put your glasses on - isn't it ?
RUS. Сегодня мой лук состоит из серого легкого комбинезона и свитшота - очень простой, повседневный и расслабленный образ. Мне нравятся цветочные принты, а также розовый и фиолетовый. Цветы вдохновляют и помогают пробудиться от зимы. Весенние цветы имеют особые оттенки  - не желтый, оранжевый или красный - они фиолетовые, голубые и розовые - это фиалки, сирень, лилии, пионы. 
     Самое время надеть очки, не так ли?

I wear:
Jumpsuit PROMOD
Sweatshirt SHEIN
Sneakers PATROL

понедельник, 13 марта 2017 г.

Sweater weather

     ENG. Let the season of pink begin! I wear pink sweater, and I feel no cold at all - despite the fact that Spring just started and the weather so unpredictable. This hand-made knit  so cozy and Spring-alike - very soft, fluffy and warm. Of course, I stiil wear a coat - but by the seaside the Sun shines so bright that I can take it off for a while.

I wear:
Hand made knit sweater